Battle of the Bands Event report

When it comes to India, what do you associate with it?
Chai? Yoga? Curry?? … right, I am about to write about cu…

ah no, about alphanote’s launch event in India.


On December 16, as a first step of the launch event in India, alphanote has cooperated with “Vaayu 2017” held at Mumbai NMIMS University, and the live performance event called “Battle of the Bands” was held.
In the previous blog, I mentioned about “Live in India!” campaign to where Japanese artists will be brought. This is the real performance.

Suddenly coming from Japan where the temperature goes below 10 degrees to a country with a 30-degrees climate was not physically easy to do, but the fierce battle that is hotter than the hot air of India has taken place.

Among countless applications, nominated to the Battle of the Bands by earing lots of “Like ♡“ were the following 8 groups of artists.

・Eternal Returns
・Alchemy – The Band
・Mojo Bombay
・Secret Mission

and of course, so many other unique artists participated, too. All the artists’ music pieces are currently distributed by alphanote.

Well, so much for the advertisement. Now let’s go back to the event report.
This event, the Battle of the Bands, was to determine the winner from the TOP 8 musicians ranked through the number of “Like♡” within the app by the judgment of 3 judges at a part of Vaayu Fest 2017 held at NMIMS in Mumbai. Surprisingly to note, the winner will be awarded the music video shooting right under the supervision of this super famous video creation company.

Now, talk about the venue…

Wow! Excuse me if I sounded rude to say “unexpected”, but it is pretty well-prepared than I had imagined.

More significantly, the audiences were…

all lining up in a long queue despite an hour prior to start to make all the organizers relieved.


(The sexes are segregated by row, which I heard is for avoid seducing, lol)

Here, I would like to introduce three judges for the event:


Introducing from the left, the representative of Indraneel Hariharan Productions, Mr. Indraneel who is also a pro bass player, Mr. Senuma the founder of alphanote, and Mr. Eiji Nagamatsu the drummer who has joined the event as a guest artist from Japan. This time, the winner is selected by the total score of these three judges marking 4 items including “technical points”, “formation points”, “degree of unification with the audience”, and “overall degree of perfection” with a 10-point scale.


Now the door is about to open, and the excitement of the venue has been gradually heating up!

The first performer was Levyathan, which has made a miraculous catch up to reach to the 8th place from the 11th during the progress report! Although they may not be well-known so much, there are so many heavy metal bands such as Levyathan in India.

They started the performance in the tough situation where attention was not so much paid to the stage, but their amazing shout has put themselves in the center of the whole attention and switched the atmosphere inside the venue over to cheering Battle of the Bands all of the sudden.

Now the time has been approaching to the announcement of the Battle of the Bands winner this time!!

(A live report of all 8 groups would become a 120+ pages of spectacular blog, so I had to strictly narrowed to 2 groups for this time 😭)

Amongst those 8 groups, the music video shooting right goes to…

My Lord!!

The Secret Mission!!

Secret Mission has gotten the audience excited with a bristly and edgy heavy metal sound.

The twin lead guitars that freely gather and scatter while making wild ups and downs, and the synthesizer that spreads the hardboiled crystal sound in good contrast with the big-boned rhythm like a trench mortar. The deep chest voice of the vocalist that stands out in a roar reminded me of the royal road of the rock music that is not made a fool of by the trend of the times. Their punchy performance was proved with their profound and protean arrangement and their high-quality technique which uniquely apply to the 6-piece band.

The winner, the Secret Mission has earned as a prize was the music video shooting right under the supervision of this super famous video creation company.

The making of shooting (planned to be) starting from January and the status update will be actively reported, so don’t miss them!


Now, what you cannot miss is the drum performance of the guest artist, Mr. Eiji Nagamatsu invited all the way from Japan! ”Live in India!” He played fielder’s choice which was uploaded on alphanote preparing for the campaign:

Overwhelming drumming skill! It makes perfect sense how he has knocked down a bunch of rivals to win the live performance in India.

Unlike those earlier band performances, the audience that was in the formation of cheering band groups were all in raptures listening to the solo drum performance, and the way the audience fell deadly silent for a moment was very impressive. And eventually, the loud cheers the crowd broke into a few seconds after the performance was unforgettable.

Well, the event report was with hasty steps, but I would be very glad if you could feel any atmosphere of the Battle of the Bands.


alphanote will actively continue to plan offline events for artists to perform not only from Japan to overseas, but also vice versa, and overseas to overseas! Stay tuned for our next alphanote!

Bye for now!