Mission Statement


We will rejuvenate the music Industry

Music industry suffered a catastrophic collapse in last decades. It seems like there are various new business models substituting the conventional models, but in reality they are not new models but just alternative places and plans to purchase music. As a result, the industry cannot seem to penetrate the fast growing emerging countries with piracy dominated market. When our business expand, music industry will experience a completely new business structure, and we will revolutionize the entire global music industry.

We will create new revenue stream to musicians in
developing countries

There are many talented musicians and interested music in Latin Americas, Africa, and many other developing countries, but most of the top selling and successful musicians come from US and some other western countries. When our business expand, musicians can create their revenue regardless of where you are, and crowdfund their projects to go anywhere in the world to play their music.

Music will be evaluated for music, not how much budget they have on marketing

With the conventional music business model, labels are marketing music they want to sell with a limited budget. When our business expand, the long tail of the music industry will be recognized, and niche genre will be evaluated fairly by many people in the world.


1. Challenge

Ask for forgiveness rather than asking for permission, but don't take bigger risk than you can handle. Speak up for new ideas, take action on opportunities.

2. Integrity

Be honest, trustworthy, and respect people around you, in and out of office. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't be evil. Keep your standards high.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy work and life. Always leave some space for fun. Seize the day. Life is a journey, not a destination.

4. Be Open

Open to criticism, respect other cultures, and expect the unexpected. Be open to learn things new; everyone is better at something you are not.

5. Pay attention to details

Your true self will show in details, and the details makes up the trust.

6. Stay Cool

Always stick to principles, do not prejudge others, make objective analysis before making decisions.

7. Be passionate

You can manage with your brain, but you can only lead with your heart. Be passionate, ambitious, speak your dreams.

8. Be creative

Think outside the box, use your weakness as your advantage. Let an idea rest overnight. Always try your idea out in the market.